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30 Undeniable Facts That Everyone Knows Are True

We're all guilty.

1. There's nothing worse than this:

2. The only way to spell "Wednesday" is by sounding it out "Wed-Nes-Day:"

3. Hearing the sound of your own voice is the worst:

4. The only arguments you win are the fictional ones you have in your head:

5. The names of people you just met are always impossible to remember:

6. 1990 will always seem like it was 10 years ago:

7. If you don't speak to a baby or a pet in a really high voice you have something seriously wrong with you:

8. Everything is more expensive when you write something in the corner:

9. The only way you can find a letter is if you recite the entire alphabet:

10. Singing is tough:

11. The best way to sleep is tucked under the covers with a fan blowing on you:

12. It's impossible to plug this in right on the first try:

13. Your signature will never compare to your parents' signature:

14. This is the only way to get upstairs safely after turning off a light:

15. Every drink tastes better out of a glass bottle:

16. Tags are the worst:

17. The best way to be a good student is to write the wrong date on a project you did at the last minute:

18. This:

19. There is no greater regret:

20. The only way your food will be prepared correctly is if you stop the microwave at one second:

21. And the only way to wake up to set multiple alarms and snooze for two hours:

22. And the only way to brush your teeth is to wet the brush, put the toothpaste on, and wet it again:

23. This:

24. Haircuts run on a graph of disappointment:

25. The best soundtracks are the ones you make up in your head to movies that will never be made:

26. Sleeping with pets is never as fun as you'd think:

27. Right before you go to sleep is prime "regret every decision you've ever made in your entire life" time:

28. This is college in a nutshell:

29. If you have glasses, all your friends will think you hallucinate:

30. And, sadly, this:

Inspired by Reddit's "Does Anybody Else?"