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    People Are Sharing The Lies They Believed As Kids And It's Way Funnier Than It Should Be

    I still want to believe.

    1. That gum from second grade is still there:

    tweet reading did anyone else use to believe that gum would stay in your stomach for 7 years if you swallowed it

pls say yes or i’ll feel weird

    2. We need to pass legislation against the Bermuda Triangle:

    tweet about being concerned about the bermuda triangle for years

    3. This is the way to combat mind readers:

    meme about being 7 years old and thinking others could read your mind

    4. If you turn on the light, we're all gonna die:

    tweet reading Why did my momma make me think it was illegal to turn a light on in a car while you were driving throughout my whole childhood

    5. That apple juice has a real kick to it:

    Twitter: @reIagz

    6. Dogs and cats fall into two specific catagories:

    tweet reading when i was younger i thought all dogs were boys and all cats were girls

    7. The moon is always on the hunt:

    tweet reading Please tell me I'm not the only one that thought the moon was following me when travelling at night when I was a kid ???

    8. The blue part has special powers:

    eraser that says the legend said that blue part could erase ink

    9. You're gonna grow a tree:

    tweet reading 8 year old me: *accidentally swallows watermelon seed*

friends: omg you know the watermelon is gonna grow in your stomach!?

    10. There's something hiding in the ultrachlorinated deep end:

    shark in the deep end of a pool

    11. The world used to be only two colors:

    tweet reading when i was a kid i thought that the world was in black and white

    12. That demon will get you:

    tweet reading when you turn off the basement lights and run upstairs before the demon catches you

    13. There's a killer behind that:

    tweet reading When I was a kid every time I went to the bathroom I was paranoid like
and its a guy looking behind a curtain

    14. Showers give you water powers:

    facebook post reading nobody me in t he shower thinking water is coming out my fingers

    15. The only way to fight off the monster is to open up:

    tweet reading Me opening my eyes after washing my hair for .2 seconds cuz i think a demon watching me

    16. There is no funnier joke:

    meme about the joke why was 6 afraid of 7 because 7 8 9

    17. You're smoking:

    meme that reads 6 year old me pretending to smoke outside

    18. This is the key to making a remote work:

    tweet reading how you hold your remote when batteries get low

    19. Quicksand's gonna getcha:

    As a child, I believed quicksand would be a much bigger problem in my life than it turned out to be.

    Twitter: @iresimpsonsfans

    20. Your face will stick:

    tweet reading Do parents still tell their kids “your face is going to get stuck like that” when they make ugly faces? Or was that only used to traumatize our generation?

    21. That's definitely an ocean monster:

    tweet about seaweed touching your foot

    22. And finally, $100 ain't gonna buy you a mansion:

    tweet reading growing up sucks because you realize 100 isn't a lot of money
    Twitter: @fvnxy

    Too real.