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    Posted on Jan 29, 2018

    26 Pictures That Will Make You Say "That Is The Worst"

    Can't think of anything worse.

    1. THE MAD DASH:

    2. Wi-Fi deception:

    3. Playing yourself:

    4. Making a good first impression:

    5. Phone palpitations:

    6. Sink goop:

    7. Shower betrayal:

    8. Trying to hold that one cough in that'll surely upset everyone:

    9. Password conundrums:

    10. The most painful two minutes:

    11. Someone ignoring the GOOD PART:

    12. The iPhone standoff:

    13. Reliving all your mistakes in one moment:

    14. That big-ass pot, always watching you:

    15. The hardest choice you'll ever have to make:

    16. That one rogue piece of seaweed that's going to kill you:

    17. Seven days in hell:

    18. Insta heart attacks:

    19. Thinking back on where it all went wrong:

    20. Hot bowls:

    21. Dress rehearsals:

    22. Just needing a simple answer:

    23. That split second:

    24. How you meet your demise:

    25. Your own voice:

    26. And of course:

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