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21 People Who Are 100% Definitely In Jail Right Now

Rules are rules.

1. The kids who just shoved all their papers into their backpack? They're in jail now.

2. The kids who used to do this with their eyelids? You know they're in jail.

3. The kid who sharpened their pencil like this? They've been in jail for a long, long time.

4. The kids who bit into Bubble Tape like a dang barbarian? Oh, they're in jail now.

5. The kid who always pretended to be shooting up with a mechanical pencil? Locked up, for sure.

6. The kids who cheated at Seven Up in school? They're all in jail now:

7. Every kid who had this as their profile picture? Jail.

8. Kids who wore these hats? They're all in jail now:

9. The kids who screamed bloody murder when the lights went off? Jail. All of 'em.

10. The kids who put their whole entire mouth over the water fountain? They're in jail now:

11. Those kids that always did this while you were on the phone? Oh, they're in jail now:

Twitter: @__jayc / Via Getty

12. The kids who snorted Pixy Stix and Hot Cheetos dust? They're all in jail now:

13. Every kid who put a pin through their skin? They're all in jail now.

14. People who wore pajamas every day to school? Incarcerated.

15. The kid who always sniffed the markers a little too much? Oh, they're in jail.

16. The kids who just stabbed their papers into their binder? They're all in jail now:

17. The kid who always did this on their calculator? You better believe they're in jail now.

18. That kid who swore you could leave early because the teacher didn't show up? You know he's in jail.

19. The kid who always used this as an excuse is without a doubt in jail now:

20. The kid who always came back from a cruise lookin' like this? Is it even a question? They're in jail now.

21. And, finally, the kid who dressed like this? Well, they're still as fuckin' cool as they were then.


Pixy Stix was misspelled in an earlier version of this post.

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