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24 Pictures That Will Make You Feel Better About The Future


Why worry about the future when you've got...

1. Kids working hard to do the work that REALLY matters:

2. Delicious meals being made by future chefs every day:

3. Kids finding the loves of their lives:

4. Mermaids roaming the land:

5. Technology being used for good not evil:

6. Amazing portraits being taken:

7. Kids carrying the supplies that really matter:

8. Kids showing how multitasking should be done:

9. Kids writing beautiful notes like this:

10. Hot Dog Princesses ruling all over the land:

11. Kids making sure everything is accounted for:

12. Kids exploring the great unknown:

13. Kids telling it like it is:

14. Brothers and sisters uniting:

15. Kids making friendships that will last a lifetime:

16. Kids writing tear-jerking cards like this one:

17. Nine-year-olds spilling the truth:

18. Kids carefully following safety precautions:

19. Kids getting the help they need:

20. Kids figuring out how to REALLY get back at someone:

21. Kids taking great care to put things back the way they found them:

22. Kids tamperin' in dark-sided stuff:

23. Kids having the perfect surface for some bread stackin':

24. And kids writing notes like this:

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