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    There's Going To Be A "Malcolm In The Middle" Reunion On "Breaking Bad"

    Even more proof that Breaking Bad is a sequel to Malcolm in the Middle.

    Last night, Jane Kaczmarek...

    ...aka Lois from "Malcolm in the Middle...."

    ...tweeted this:


    Which means that Jane and Bryan Cranston (who, obviously, plays Walt on Breaking Bad) will share the screen again for the first time since Malcolm.

    IMDB confirms:

    And so does Hank!

    Via Twitter: @deanjnorris

    Who will she play? The new Mike? Jesse's stepmom? LOIS?! We can only hope Frankie Muniz shows up this season alongside Badger and Skinny Pete.

    UPDATE! Unfortunately, it looks like Jane will only be in the DVD extras for the show. Still, a man can DREAM!

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