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    The Worst Live Television Show Ever In Its Entirety

    Jamie Kennedy's Los Angeles New Year's broadcast was marred by unintentional f-bombs, technical errors, and awkward silences. It is so bad that it is an absolute masterpiece. Just try to look away.

    Here's the show out of KDOC in Los Angeles. Now sit back, relax, and let's watch some trains crash.

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    Via Twitter: @pattonoswalt

    There is SO MUCH here but what I still can't get over is the fact that Macy Gray has legitimately no idea what year or time it is.

    Here's the abridged version if you can't handle it:

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    And if that's too long, here's one GIF that sums up the entire night: Shannon Elizabeth being interrupted by a hamburger:

    And if even THAT'S too much, here's a drunk girl on stage ignoring Jamie Kennedy on live TV because she received a very important text:

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