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The 25 Whitest Things That Have Ever Happened


1. These tattoos:

2. This guy demonstrating his complete lack of jumping ability:

3. Joseph Gordon-Levitt's handshake miss:

4. This girl catching herself swearing:

5. This girl's bad start to her modeling career:

6. Kaylynn's adventure to the hospital:

7. This future NBA star warming up:

8. These ravers getting down:

9. This guy caught mid-Snapchat:

10. This girl receiving her award for being "whitest person in the room":

11. This guy losing his goddamn mind:

12. This couple grinding:

13. These newscasters doing their thing:

14. This girl's problem:

15. This arm-wrestling match:

16. This handshake:

And this handshake:

And this one too:

17. This celebration:

18. These potential baby names:

19. This break-dancer losing his goddamn balance:

20. This girl doing ANYTHING for the perfect selfie:

21. This unfortunate woman left hanging:

22. This "friendship engagement":

23. This lonely, dancing Teletubby:

24. This girl's last moonwalk:

25. And this little kid:

In conclusion: