The Serious Side-Effect Of Miley Cyrus Always Sticking Her Tongue Out

    We need to talk about this tongue.

    You've seen it everywhere. You've heard about it on your television, from your friends, from your family. Everyone knows about Miley Cyrus' iconic tongue.

    But what is the very real side-effect of Miley's tongue waving?

    The results may surprise and shock you.

    Let's take a look. Do you see?

    Let's enhance.

    What about now?


    Miley's tongue has gone rogue, taking her make-up with it:

    Need proof? Look no further than the color of her tongue in this picture. That's a serious case of Make-Up Tongue if I've ever seen one.

    Her tongue has a mind of its own. It must be stopped. Our collective hearts can't take much more of this:

    ***And yes, I realize that the problem is actually extra powder... not a lack of.***

    ...but what if I'm wrong???