The 50 Most Important Lessons Learned From “30 Rock”

We’re all going to miss you!

1. Lemon parties are the best parties:

…or maybe not:

2. Never sleep on planes:

3. What to wear after 6 p.m.:

4. Teenage Liz is the best Liz:


6. And teenage Liz’s jeans are the best thing to have ever happened ever:

7. How to be unpopular:

8. Watch out for really tall 12-year-olds:

9. How to live your life to the fullest:

10. The perfect method for getting out of jury duty:

11. Some names are always funny:

12. Ten is way, way too late:

13. What BP was really trying to do:

14. How to enter a room:

15. How to know when your spending has gotten out of control:

16. Everyone needs a little R & R:

17. How to have a great weekend:

18. The day doesn’t start until your first glass of wine:

19. “A Blaffair To Rememblack” needs to happen:

20. You may want to keep your dying confessions to yourself:

21. There’s nothing more irresistible than a wink from Lutz:

22. Perfect life plans:

23. How to comfort someone who is crying:

24. Liz Lemon has the best e-mail:

25. You’re not human if you don’t like Phil Collins:

26. Tracy Morgan may or may not be a sad otter:

27. Jenna’s favorite word:

28. The way to a man’s heart:

29. The way to a girl’s heart:

30. Kenneth is apparently a character on “Lost”:

31. Jack’s claim to fame:

32. Kenneth’s game:

33. Kabletown has the best programming:

34. The key to getting in the president’s inner circle:

35. Never while eating. Ever:

36. Sometimes you have to do TWO push-ups:

37. Balloon is THE word:

38. Tina Fey’s daughter is the cutest:

39. The real meaning of “Google”:

40. How to get banned from the Golden Globes for life:

41. Kathy Geiss is a genius:

42. Businesswoman is a word:

43. How to get a one-on-one meeting with someone:

44. The difference between “good” and “well”:

45. The proper length of a nap:

46. What American engineers are up to nowadays:

47. Everybody’s Sims family dies. It just happens:

48. The two best things in the world:

49. The Food Network is not a great way to get your news…yet:

50. And “Bitch Hunter” is a show that needs to happen… NOW:

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