The 21 Luckiest People In The Entire World

Alternatively titled: The 21 Best People To Bet On The Ponies With.

1. The guy who almost had the worst gas station experience of all time:

2. This surprisingly agile rodeo clown:

3. This kid, who may or may not be a ghost:

4. This gymnast’s biggest fan:

5. Everyone at this monster truck rally:

6. The owner of what appears to be the thinnest car ever:

7. This amateur gymnast shoveling snow off his roof:

8. The greatest dad ever, Cake Dad:

9. This snowboarder:

10. This guy who looks better without a hat, anyway:

11. This skateboarder:

12. This uninterested street crosser:

13. The driver of this car who lived everyone’s worst fear so we don’t have to:

14. This parkour professional:

15. This cop:


16. The most dedicated camera man in the world:

17. This good samaritan who might actually be the best samaritan:

18. This guy who just created a new move for the next Tony Hawk game:

19. The luckiest teens alive:

20. The clumsiest train hopper ever:

21. And Granny Badass:

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