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The 20 Least Majestic Animals To Roam The Earth

Roam free, clumsy ones.

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1. This discombobulated deer:

2. This clumsy cat:

3. This maladroit manatee:

4. This dunked dog:

5. This helpless horse:

6. This trapped dog:

7. This bungling pup:

8. This clownish cat:

9. These graceless pandas:

10. This blundering cat:

11. This uncoordinated turtle:

12. These limbo-ing cats:

13. And these hyper kittens:

14. This gawky seagull:

15. This careless dog:

16. This vengeful kitten:

17. This unsuccessful cat:

18. And this ready-to-send cat:

19. This ponderous panda:

20. This slippery dog:

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