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The 35 Hardest Things About Taking A Picture On Picture Day


1. What if you wear the wrong T-shirt?

2. Like, the really wrong T-shirt?

3. Like, the exact opposite of an appropriate shirt:

4. And one that makes you look like a floating head?

5. And what if you forget your pet bird?

6. What if your name isn't yearbook appropriate?

7. Like, really inappropriate:

8. And what if your name gives everyone a really weird image in their head?

9. Or just comes across as a threat?

10. What if everyone else has a much better quote than you do?

11. One that's much more clever:

12. Much more insightful:

13. Like, much more insightful:

14. Much more hip-hop:

15. Much more delicious:

16. Much more James Martin:

17. And has much better reference to "SpongeBob"?

18. What if you totally screw up your quote?

19. Or your picture?

20. Or you totally mess up your superlative picture?

21. Or you just come across like a total dum-dum?

22. Or totally screw up the "what I want to be when I grow up" section?

23. What if you don't have a buddy to make a dual photo with?

24. Or to link quotes with?

25. Or to punch in the face?

26. Or what if your last name isn't Nguyen?

27. What if the person next to you is a total dick?

28. Like, a huge a-hole:

29. And an even bigger d-bag?

30. What if you get shown up by Gabe Perez?

Or by a goofy Afro?

Or, worst of all, by Bill Nye's iconic mug?

31. What if you chose the worst day to wear your rainbow suspenders?

32. Or your hairdo makes the photographers have to shrink your picture?

33. Or strikes fear into the hearts of the children:

34. And what if Kevin Chang tries to scare the success out of you?

35. But, worst of all, what if your yearbook photo ends up looking like Ryan Seacrest's?