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The 15 Most Ridiculous World Leaders Of All Time

OK, so they may not all be world leaders but, love them or hate them, they're goofy as hell.

15. Kevin Rudd, former prime minister of Australia:

Because he's the undisputed king of selfies and duckface:

The undisputed king at being bad at exercising:

And the undisputed king of talking to 50 Cent:

14. Rob Ford, mayor of Toronto, Canada:

Because he may just be worse at sports than Kevin Rudd:

And worse at dancing than everyone you have ever met:

But he is undoubtedly the best at running into things:

13. Naheed Nenshi, mayor of Calgary, Canada:

Because he is the absolute best at Twitter:

Like, the king of Twitter:

Or maybe mayor of Twitter is more appropriate:

12. Svante Myrick, mayor of Ithaca, New York:

Because he understands the importance of a good disguise:

11. Jan Peter Balkenende, former Dutch prime minister:

Because he is probably the most uncoordinated man to ever step on a skateboard:

10. Sam Adams, mayor of Portland, Oregon:

For obvious reasons:

9. Anthony Foxx and Pat McCrory, mayor and former mayor of Charlotte, North Carolina:

For introducing us to the most awkward hug of all time:

8. R. T. Rybak, mayor of Minneapolis, Minnesota:

Because this is a photo of him crowd-surfing at a rock concert. So, again, obvious reasons.

7. Jon Gnarr, mayor of Reykjavik, Iceland:


6. Julia Gillard, prime minister of Australia:

Because she is constantly slipping on banana peels:

5. Alan Bernholtz, mayor of Crested Butte, Colorado:

Because... do I even need to tell you? Do you see this picture? HE'S JUMPING OVER FIRE SPORTING AN AFRO!

4. Stephen Harper, prime minister of Canada:

Because he let this picture happen:

But mostly because of his response to the whole thing:

3. John Key, prime minister of New Zealand:

For thinking a three-way handshake is somehow possible:

2. Boris Johnson, mayor of London:

Because of that one time he got stuck on a zipline:

Because of this picture of him with two M&Ms:

Because he is inarguably the best dancer on this list:

And inarguably the person who looks most like an orangutan riding a bike on this list:

And, honestly, just look at him wearing this helmet. JUST LOOK AT HIM:

1. And finally, Mayor Stubbs, mayor of Talkeetna, Alaska:

Because he's a cat. A CAT!