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    The 25 Funniest Types Of Reviews On The Internet

    Take note, reviewers.

    1. The nerdy review:

    2. The dark-sided children's movie review:

    3. The Wendy's review:

    4. The utterly depressing review:

    5. The straight-to-the-point review:

    6. The Shore Thing review:

    7. The angry wife review:

    8. The Miami Heat review:

    9. The disappointing review:

    10. The mythical beast review:

    11. The second language review:

    12. The extraterrestrial review:

    13. The worst parent ever review:

    14. The machete review:

    15. The George Takei review:

    16. The demonic review:

    17. The no BS review:

    18. The saddest Starbucks review:

    19. The accommodator review:

    20. The prison review:

    21. The miracle review:

    22. The existential review:

    23. The downloadable content video game review:

    24. The King Arthur review:

    25. And the LOST TOTAL CONTROL review: