26 Reasons The Future Is Way, Way Brighter Than It Seems

    Kids these days, man.

    If you're ever worried about the way things are going these days, just remember that kids these days...

    1. Have the best nicknames:

    2. Know EXACTLY how get what they want:

    3. Know exactly what your favorite movie is:

    4. Stand up for what they BELIEVE in:

    5. Have multi-tasking down to a SCIENCE:

    6. Are reshaping language as we know it:

    7. Are prepared for any and EVERY situation:

    8. Are accomplishing very, very important things:

    9. Are always interested in hearing about your family:

    10. Will always save you a seat:

    11. Are as creative as you can be:

    12. Know exactly what love is:

    13. Always leave a little extra on the side:

    14. Ain't afraid of no ghosts:

    15. Have got a handle on breaking news:

    16. Care about the important things in life:

    17. The very, very important things:

    18. Aren't afraid to chop it all off:

    19. Know the perfect place to get some 'sicles:

    20. Are just so romantic:

    21. Always know a good picture opportunity when they see it:

    22. Know how to identify a threat when they see it:

    23. Have their priorities straight:

    24. Are always willing to lend a hand:

    25. Are way better dancers than you or me:

    26. And aren't afraid to make enemies: