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The 32 Dumbest Things That Happened In 2015

So much dumb in so little time.

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1. This loss of versionities:

2. This hot new scent:

3. This technology troubleshooting:

4. This reasonable argument:

5. This great idea:

6. This discovery:

7. The invention of 4rd:

8. The scariest part of being a mom:

9. $0.25 at Roy's:

10. This delicious dish:

11. The world's most dangerous salad:

12. Melted tomato:

13. Hippo gang members:

14. McDonald's new business venture:

15. Upside-down music:

16. All of the gardens:

17. My favorite Italian dish, apidimi:

18. The history of the NFL:

19. Caitlin finding out about her son's hopes and dreams:

20. Barry and his hatchet:

21. This celebration of life:

22. This lost 710:

23. Fire getting top honors:


24. The world's most intense haircut:

25. This groundbreaking fragrance:

26. This pizza play:

27. This important factor:


28. This milestone:

29. Part of every well-balanced breakfast:

30. This beautiful coincidence:

31. This very very very very unfortunate error:

32. And, of course...

Every year!

Every year!

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