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The Best Of The Internet's Reaction To The Botched "Ecce Homo" Painting

I think I almost prefer the painting now.

So, after this happened...

...Ecce Homo has had made some impressive cameos:

1. In "Ferris Bueller's Day Off:"

2. In the newest "Animorphs" book:

3. As actor and comedian Jonah Hill:

4. As the Jesus in "The Big Lebowski:"

5. As ET in "ET:"

6. As an adorable sloth:

7. In "The Lion King:"


9. As everyone in da Vinci's "The Last Supper"

10. As Lindsay Lohan 1 and 2's parents in "The Parent Trap:"

11. On Devo's seminal debut album:

12. On a piece of toast:

13. In Brazil:

14. On Twitter:

15. In "The Shining:"

16. On Neutral Milk Hotel's classic album:

17. In a Mr. Bean sketch:

18. On "The Joy of Painting" with Bob Ross:

19. In "Seinfeld:"

20. As Marilyn Monroe:

21. As Jack's painting of Rose in "Titanic:"

22. As Harvey Dent in "The Dark Knight Rises:"

23. As a child who won't eat his vegetables:

24. As Dolan's latest victim:

25. As a shirt that will inevitably be worn by countless middle schoolers:

26. And on a dog's butt: