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The 28 People With The Best Names In The 2012 London Olympics

Now you know who to root for.

1. Yoo Suk Kim

The worst part of being Yoo-Suk Kim is when people want to cheer for you.

2. Destinee Hooker

3. Jack Buttland

4. Dong Dong

5. Sarah Hammer

6. Aye Aye Aung

7. Queen Underwood

8. Amina Bakhit

Get it? Ahm-In-a Bakh-It? I'm in a bucket?

9. Kathryn Fudge

10. Jack Bauer

But he can only win the gold medal in 24 hours.

11. Amit Kumar Amit Kumar

12. Victoria Poon

13. Hope Solo

14. Hulk

Soccer, Brazil.

15. Fanny Babou

16. Ole Magnus Bakken

17. Zbigniew Bartman

18. Karen Cockburn

19. Romain Buffet

20. German Sanchez Sanchez

21. Lars Boom

22. Sara Radman

23. Yoshie Takeshita

24. Liam Tancock

25. James Honeybone

26. Storm Uru

27. Phillipp Boy

28. Kelsey Titmarsh

And here's the worst name of the 2012 Olympics:

Chris Brown

And now you know who to root against.