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Updated on Aug 18, 2020. Posted on Apr 20, 2012

42 Unsolved Mysteries We'll Never Know The Answers To

These are the questions we ask ourselves every single day, but STILL don't have the answers for. You should probably listen to this while you look.

1. How did this polar bear get a traffic cone on his head?

2. Does this dog tip well?

3. What's so bad about watermelon?

Or what's so good?

4. Did this cat just burn her tongue?

5. Does this baby have a fear of flowers now?

6. Can this panda beat Shaq in one-on-one?

What about Gumby?

7. Who is the middle otter REALLY in love with?

8. How does this even work?

9. What is this sloth's major?

10. Who is asking all these questions?

11. How completely radical are these dogs?

Cindy Yamanaka / AP

12. Why did these animals ruin these pictures?

13. Why didn't this actress get way, way more work?

14. Who embarrassed this walrus?

15. Will you please just take this cat out for pizza?

16. How mad would you be if this happened to you?

17. Why do people take pictures with iPads?

18. What rude things did someone say to make this sassy starfish angry?

19. What did this lady do to make a turtle slap her?

20. Where are these people from?

21. Did these families ever re-take their family portraits?

22. Are there any jobs worse than this?

23. Do monkeys have the best smile in the animal kingdom?

24. When did the world become so much less cool?

25. Where are these animals going dressed up so nicely?

26. Was this the best birthday ever?

27. Is there any worse way to die?

28. Did these people graduate?

29. Did anybody taco 'bout it?

30. Is this the cutest thing on the internet?

31. Did you end up taking this squirrel out for pizza instead?

32. Why do some people think Facebook is Google?

33. Where do you buy a ten pound bag of Lucky Charms marshmellows?

Or these?

34. How did this even happen?

35. Have you seen this dog?

36. Who let the Rock on Splash Mountain?

37. Where does the kid on the left get his hair done?

38. Would you mess with this gorilla?

39. Did this guy ever get his quarter back?

40. Why doesn't Snoop Dogg dress like this all the time?

Or this?

41. What is even going on here?

42. Does this awesome kid love fries?


Wait. I can answer that one: yes, yes he does.

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