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The 35 Happiest Things That Have Ever Happened

Let us smile.

1. The child discovering his one true passion in life: passports.

2. The day this little kid's dream came true:

3. And the day this lady's dream came true --- INSTANTLY:

4. These two kids playing N64 for the first time:

5. These cows being released out to pasture:

6. This 101 year old man after flying on an airplane for the first time:

7. This kitten making a new best friend:

8. This dog modeling the summer's hottest fashion, the cone of happiness:

9. Kanye out for a stroll with little Kanye:

10. The first time this little girl discovered that dogs can be hugged:

11. The day this bat boy's dream came true:

12. Madeline's reaction to a train:

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13. This goose's reaction so some good eats:

14. These horses welcoming you to the neighborhood:

15. And lobster Patrick Stewart welcoming you to the bathtub:

16. When this baby discovered that his dad can control gravity:

17. This man enjoying a nice swing ride:

18. The world's largest hug:

19. The cockatiel messing around with a glass of water:

20. This dog's birthday dinner, which strangely enough looks better than anything I've eaten recently:

21. This woman who had been deaf her whole life being able to hear for the first time after receiving cochlear implants:

22. These two new friends palin' around:

23. Usain Bolt meeting his biggest fan:

24. The exact moment this musician realized he made it:

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25. This baby discovering bubbles for the first time:

26. The day this camel set about on his mission to meet everyone in the world:

27. The day this kid met his hero:

28. The day this boy fell in love:

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29. Lebron perfectly executing the greatest bear hug ever:

30. The day this impromptu dance party happened:

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31. This dog enjoying the perfect dinner:

32. Every day in the life of the quokka, the world's happiest animal:

33. This l'il guy getting ready to eat:

34. This elephant visiting the dentist:

35. And the day Donald Duck reunited with his brothers and sisters: