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The 32 Dumbest Things That Happened In 2014

Here it is: the worst of the worst, the dumbest of the dumb.

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1. This fair request:

2. This important reminder:

3. This world's toughest contest:

4. Barraco Barner's second term:

5. This dream:

6. The new 49 United States:

7. This VERY GOOD point:

8. This crazy coincidence:

9. The keeper of the Pet Files:

10. The cutting of the "AUX cord":

11. Or, wait, no — the "in bill uncle" cord:

12. This sound piece of logic:

13. This disastrous lack of comma:

14. This unfortunate development:

15. Laura's theories:

16. Jack sticking up for men around the world:

17. This revelation:

18. This helpful translation:

19. The most dramatic pizza delivery of all time:

20. These words we should all live by:

21. These delicious rolls:

22. The perfect cruise:

23. This patriot fulfilling their duty:

24. This person's positive attitude toward cannibals:

25. This estimation:

26. This lesson learned the hard way:

27. This deceleration of love:

28. The year's hottest membership:

29. Jamie's tech troubleshooting:

30. This wish:

31. Lisa's wise words:

32. And ~*KIMBER'S*~ journey:

What a year it's been.

What a year it's been.

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