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    The 30 Most Important Moments In YouTube Comment History

    Let's take a walk down memory lane.

    1. The day cowap15 suggested the most terrifying thing ever:

    2. When someone finally brought the plight of background horses into the mainstream:

    3. When someone finally asked this tough question:

    4. The day this person's dream was crushed:

    5. The day this man changed the way we wear shirts forever:

    6. The day this man was discovered:

    7. The day this person found their dream job:

    8. The day we found out what this guy's brother is REALLY into:

    9. When we found out what Yoda's favorite song is:

    10. The day this dude made the biggest mistake of his life:

    11. When this person learned a valuable lesson about language:

    12. The day this person learned the lyrics to their favorite song:

    13. The time Gregorto13 learned how books work:

    14. When Dizzy Gillespie showed off his survival tactics:

    15. The day someone gave an honest review of The Last Airbender:

    16. The day we all learned how to be the best parent ever:

    17. When we all learned what Snoop Dogg is up to nowadays:

    18. The day this person finally cut through all the black and white moon garbage:

    19. The day this person shared his touching story:

    20. When we all found out how talented some fruits and vegetables can actually be:

    21. The day TheEagleScout94 brought attention to violence against armless dummies:

    22. When dantesinporno came clean about his darkest hour:

    23. When this person solved child hunger:

    24. When this speech changed everyone's lives:

    25. When snappytheneck taught us all how to moonwalk:

    26. When vo7tage finally got his or her life in order:

    27. When Beard Guy finally let his inner desires be known:

    28. When this person saw his or her brother's doppelgänger:

    29. When this person warned us all about the dangers of watermelon:

    30. And finally, most importantly, the only time in YouTube in history when this ever happened: