The 25 Absolute Greatest Dad Jokes Of All Time

Hi hungry, I’m dad.

1. The Highlight Joke:

2. The Tuna Joke:

3. The Moth Joke:

Not to be confused with this.

4. The Sun Joke:

5. The Number Joke:

6. The Summer Blockbuster Joke:

8. The Chinese Joke:

9. The Testicle Joke:

10. The Secret Joke:

11. The Rash Joke:

12. The Beans Joke:

13. The Cool Dad Joke:

14. The Coke Joke:

15. The Model Joke:

16. The Remote Joke:

17. The Knot Joke:

18. The Cooking Turkey Joke:

19. The Cliff Joke:

20. The Christmas Joke:

21. The Tree Joke:

22. The Working Out Joke:

23. The Jackson’s Joke:

25. And the start of it all:

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