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    The 12 Best Games You Can Play While People Watching

    Are you sitting somewhere bored right now? Are there a lot of people around? Well, have no fear.

    1. Schizophrenic or Bluetooth Headset?


    2. Guess Who?


    You and a friend each pick a stranger and take turns asking questions to try to guess who the other person picked.

    3. Life HORSE


    Basically, if one person goes up to a person and asks for something like the time, each other player has to do the same thing with the same stranger or else they'll receive a letter. Spell HORSE and you lose.

    4. Daughter or Mistress?


    Again, self-explanatory.

    5. People Watching Bingo


    Make a board and a list of people you want to spot. Some examples: Person wearing no shirt, man wearing crocs, kid on a leash, person that looks like Jay Leno, etc.

    6. How Drunk Is That Toddler?


    Simply pretend that every toddler you see is just super wasted.

    7. Theater Of Life


    Sit at a comfortable distance away from a group of people and ad-lib what you think they're saying.

    8. LOST


    Before boarding a flight, look around and assign roles to the strangers surrounding you in the event that your plane crashes on a mysterious island. Each person will have to play a part in a mini-society in order to survive. And bonus points if you remember where each person is sitting in the plane before you take off in the event that the tail breaks off. Via Totes Muh Gotes.

    9. How Would They Meet?


    Spot two people who would make a good couple and imagine them meeting.

    10. Sweet or Sour?


    Wave at people in an effort to make them smile or just to piss them off.

    11. That's The Guy!


    Walk around having a conversation, and wait to find someone wearing a suit holding a briefcase. Backhand your friend in the chest, and say, "HOLD UP, ain't that the guy?" While pointing at the guy in the suit, say "That's him! That's the guy! THAT'S THE FUCKIN' GUY!" and start walking toward him.

    If the guy starts backing away, start sprinting full blast, and you'll see that most of the time the guy in the suit runs like hell. If the guy doesn't move at all, march up to him, look him dead in the eyes, and say, "Sir, It's an honor to meet you. Might I shake your hand?" Regardless of their answer, say, "Truly, it is an honor." Promptly walk away. Via CllctCallOfCthulhu.

    12. Chad or Stephanie?


    Simply pick out people you think might be named Chad or Stephanie. Bonus points if you yell out Chad or Stephanie and the person looks.

    Games culled from an AskReddit thread that asked people to list their favorite people-watching game.

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