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The 21 Greatest Ways To Get High

That's the good stuff.

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1. The post-laundry high:

2. The grocery bag high:

3. The microwave high:

4. The pen high:

5. The fully charged high:

6. The pants high:

7. The blessed sleep high:

8. The scissors high:

9. The cricket high:

10. The police high:

11. The cancelled plans high:

12. The pillow freeze high:

13. The dog high:

14. The neck high:

15. The rogue fry high:

16. The browser high:

17. The healthy high:

18. The just chillin' doing nothing high:

19. The dish washing high:

20. The flossing high:

21. And the cronch high:

Gimme that cronch.
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Gimme that cronch.

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