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26 Pictures That Pretty Much Sum Up The Human Experience

It's life.

1. On "THE CHAIR":


2. On staying healthy:

3. On eating clean:

4. On digital hoarding:

5. On what joy really means:

6. On memory:

7. On giving advice:

8. On your foot falling asleep:

9. On doing anything, ever:

10. On internet habits:

11. On being yourself:

12. On listening to music:

13. On cooking:


14. On the days of the week:

15. On socializing:

16. On what's important:

17. On testing 'em out:

18. On watching TV:

19. On seeing clearer:

20. On applying math to your life:

21. On your wardrobe:

22. On driving:

23. On making up:

24. On the longest 15 seconds of your life:

25. On eating out:

26. And on reading this:

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