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    32 Pictures That Prove, Without Any Doubt, That You Have Thalassophobia

    My palms are so sweaty.

    WARNING! Some people might find the following pictures disturbing. If you’re in any way afraid of the ocean, proceed with caution.

    1. Have you ever felt uncomfortable looking at pictures like this?

    The reef dropped off into this abyssal green nothingness. from thalassophobia

    2. A bit uneasy?

    Who knows what's down there... from thalassophobia

    3. Just a little queasy?

    My friend posted this on her Facebook.... from thalassophobia

    4. Have you ever been CONVINCED that there's something beneath you?

    my cousin posted this today on instagram. from thalassophobia

    5. Something lurking in the shadows?

    Not sure if this qualifies, but this picture is the cause of the worst nightmare i’ve ever had. from TheDepthsBelow

    6. Maybe it started after you saw this scene in Titanic:

    Paramount Pictures

    7. Maybe it started in a swimming pool:

    This was probably the most irrational childhood fear that I had from thalassophobia

    8. Well, you're not alone. You're one of many people with thalassophobia, or fear of the sea.

    How do you feel about this? from megalophobia

    9. How does this picture make you feel?

    Taken from a fishing boat in Antartica from thalassophobia

    10. Or this?

    Seaweed forest revealed beneath the waves from thalassophobia

    11. What about this one?

    from the nz navy facebook page from thalassophobia

    12. Picture yourself on a boat late at night and seeing this lurking just below the surface:

    Breaching in the middle of the night. from thalassophobia

    13. Or imagine diving deep down into the ocean and finding this sign:

    World Adventure Divers / Via

    14. Everything that's waiting for you beneath the surface...

    This pic of a leopard seal always shits me up from thalassophobia

    15. And everything that's waiting for you right at the top...

    The fish of 10000 nopes from pics

    16. Let's play spot the deadly predator:

    Look before you swim. from thalassophobia

    17. The Liberty Bell has been on the ocean floor since the early '60s. What else could there be down that deep?

    Liberty Bell Space Capsule resting on the sea floor [1999] from submechanophobia

    18. Uncomfortable yet?

    Told you might like my photo from thalassophobia

    19. Doing alright?

    20. How about now?

    Underwater shark statue at Lake Neuchâtel from submechanophobia

    21. Feel sick?

    My friend recently went swimming with sharks off the coast of Oahu. As she got into the water, she snapped this photo of the depths below. from thalassophobia

    22. A little shaky?

    23. Palms a little sweaty?

    One of the rare photos that creep me out from thalassophobia

    24. You sure you feel okay?

    Diver standing on top of propeller of sunken ship from thalassophobia

    25. That's normal. The ocean is horrifying.

    This is why you don't swim in the Tennessee River from thalassophobia

    26. Think about all the ocean is hiding deep, deep down.

    Fin Whale vertebrae underneath the freezing water near Kongsfjorden in Norway. from interestingasfuck

    27. Simply terrifying.

    I think we're going to need a bigger board

    Twitter: @claymarzosurf

    28. Still with me?

    That’s going to be a no from me from TheDepthsBelow

    29. Well, imagine being on this tiny, tiny boat:

    Beneath the surface lies a demon. from thalassophobia

    30. Imagine being deep, deep down and finding an animal you never knew existed:

    AP Photo/HO, National Science Museum

    31. Or swimming right below the roots of an underwater plant:

    32. Terrified by all this? Well, you just might have thalassophobia.

    A black and white image of a great white shark from interestingasfuck

    I know I do.

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