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    22 People Who Should Never, Ever Be Allowed To Send Text Messages Again

    Enough is enough.

    1. The Shrek texter:

    2. The sick texter:

    3. The breakup texter:

    4. The bean texter:

    5. The deep texter:

    6. The spaghetti texter:

    7. The ravioli texter:

    8. The GIF texter:

    9. The Cinderella texter:

    10. The toast texter:

    11. The Elmo texter:

    12. The headache texter:

    13. The JK texter:

    14. The plant texter:

    15. The liquid texter:

    16. The... uhhh... Waluigi texter:

    17. The poet texter:

    18. The horseshoe texter:

    19. The weed texter:

    20. The Sheeran texter:

    21. The popcorn texter:

    22. And the mom texter:

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