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28 Teens Who Need To Be Stopped Immediately

STOP THE TEENS! T.E.E.N.S.: Trying Each and Every New Salad.

1. The teen behind the almighty tattoo promposal:

Here's hoping she said no.

2. The closest twins around:

3. Emma's lover:

4. The master of the flirty, happy, bashful, AND sexy look:

5. The girl who needed three separate pictures before heading to her "anuts" funeral:

6. The dressing room bandits:

7. Bieber's biggest fan:

8. The walls of the selfie labyrinth:

9. The person behind this tattoo:

10. Whoever single-handedly destroyed the sanctity of marriage:


12. Kaylynn and the perfect hospital selfie:

13. Perhaps the most bored person in the world:

14. This girl:

15. This owner of this death-defying hairstyle:

16. The teen behind the this #TransformationTuesday:

17. The couple with a love so eternal they made a blanket out of it:

18. Anyone and everyone smoking coffee:

19. The owner of the world's worst photo series:

20. This smilin' duo:

21. The person who wrote this:


22. The person behind the ultimate train selfie:

23. Ol' mirror pizza:

24. The person who thinks #stabbed is an OK hashtag:

25. This dude with the saddest dog ever:

26. Yet another pee bandit:

27. The person who thought this was an OK thing to do:

28. And this guy:



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