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There's No Way You'll Know What Any Of This Stuff Is If You Were Born After 1999

That's right!

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  1. What would you use this for?

    Twitter: @KingJamesofDfs
  2. What was this a part of?
  3. Where would you find one of these?
  4. These used to be found in every car. What were they for?

  5. What were these dividers used for?

  6. What's this thing?
  7. What would you typically store in this?
  8. Where would you find this?
  9. What did you store inside these?
  10. What was this used for?
  11. What's this person attempting to do?

    Twitter: @captbearddock
  12. What's the name of this phone?
  13. Do you know what this thing is?
  14. What was typically kept in one of these?
  15. Where did this ball come from?
  16. What's this Best Buy stick talking about?

    Best Buy
  17. What's this thing?
  18. What would you find inside these?

  19. What would you put in here?
  20. What's this thing designed to hold?

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