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32 Teachers That Deserve A Giant Raise

I'm talking giant like James And The Giant Peach here. I'm talking a giant peach sized raise.

1. The teacher that came up with the perfect way to stop kids from looking at the clock all day:

2. The teacher that informed their student of their grade in the most magical way possible:

3. The history teacher that wore this for his yearbook picture:

4. And the teachers that took these yearbook pictures:

5. And this one, too:

6. And, of course, this one:

7. The teacher that clearly doesn't understand fire safety:

8. The teacher that figured out how to solve his classes' sleeping problem once and for all:

9. The teacher that came up with these homework assignments:


10. The teacher that left a body double in his office for when he left:

11. The teacher that figured out how to stop his wasp problem once and for all:

12. The teacher who created a "tattle box" where the kids can submit their "tattle tales," like this one:

13. And the teacher that gave this test out:

14. The teachers that did this with a student's phone:

15. The teacher that has figured out the only appropriate way to retrieve balls stuck in the rafters:

16. The teacher who is evidently a huge Drew Carrey fan:

17. The teacher that gave out this test before break:

18. And the teacher who has way better weekend plans than you do:


19. The teacher who is pretty sure you aren't an Austrian composer:

20. And the teacher that let their student off in the most Nic Cage way possible:

21. The teacher that realized when to give it up:

22. The teacher that figured out what the most important thing to to study is:

23. The teacher that perfected the art of studying:

24. The teacher that recognized that, hey, sometimes you're going to get dicks drawn all over your homework:

25. The illustrious inventor of Quiz Shaming:


26. The teacher that gave this out as their first science assignment:

27. The teacher that taught their students to question authority:

28. The teacher that, like all of us, appreciates a good platypus drawing:

29. The teacher that recognized the importance of a good jam sesh:


Though, honestly, that kid probably couldn't hear the teacher properly through the walls of his giant fedora.

30. The teacher that was brutally honest to his or her students:


31. The teacher with an appreciation of legendary character actors:

32. And the teacher who isn't afraid to be a douch:


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