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If You're A Teacher And None Of These Make You Laugh, Nothing Will

Teachers GET IN HERE.

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1. The natural progression:

2. Lesson plans come May:

3. The government vs. you:

4. The greatest gift of all:

5. The "SHHHH" heard ’round the world:

6. THAT excuse:

7. "You tell me" face:

8. Important decisions:

9. That teacher kinda tired:

10. The stark difference:

11. Expectations vs. reality:

12. The lie that is "40 hours":

13. THOSE questions:

14. Energy levels:

15. An intro to teaching:

16. That ONE kid:

17. Those tiny, tiny chairs:

18. Simple math:

19. The waiting game:

20. Teacher vs. teacher:

21. Thoughts and prayers:

22. The face you make 15 times a day:

23. The worst trend in existence:

24. Breaking news:

25. Tryin' to get some RELAXATION:

26. Weighing pros and cons:

27. How to speak teacher:

28. Gettin' them Z's:

29. Part-time job options:

30. The worst sound to hear:

31. Trying to pull off the master heist:

32. Aging gracefully:

33. The glue dilemma:

34. Getting stuff DONE:

35. The realization:

36. The comparison:

37. The "no pencil" face:

38. Nonexistent extra credit:

39. The beginning vs. the end:

40. The transformation after asking a question:

41. Saying goodbye to an old friend:

42. Those sweet little children:

43. That "moving out" look:

44. And sweet freedom:

45. ...although you know the truth:

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