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50 Pictures That Will Take You Right Back To Your Childhood

The mems... Cherish them. Especially if you're not British.

1. The passing of a great bug:

2. THOSE cups:

3. Or no. No. THESE cups:

4. Or maybe these?

5. The realest book ever written:

6. This screen:

7. "Skip protection":

8. The most useless erasers in existence:

9. Picking the perfect font:

10. THIS screen:

11. Seeing this right before a Disney Channel movie was about to drop:

12. And then checking out one of these classics:

13. Food always tasting better off of these:

14. Or with these:

15. This little guy:

16. I mean... ORANGE TAPES:

17. The whole gang:

18. The wildest books ever:

19. Your daily serving of juice:

20. OR your other daily serving of fruit:

21. Brownies from ANOTHER WORLD:

22. Perusing the block in these bad boys:

23. Gummies. Pure, delicious gummies:

24. The greatest feat of architecture ever created:

25. Cracking open one of these little gold bad boys:

26. Destroying your hand on one of these:

27. Your friend dying of cholera:

28. Creating MASTERPIECES in this:


30. Losing flavor after 15 seconds:

31. Having to get a cavity filled immediately after getting these stuck in your teeth:

32. Your first graffiti piece:

33. Staying home sick with Bob:

34. Filling these full of the good stuff:

35. Trying to figure out what the hell this was:

36. Your own little world:

37. Choked fashion:

38. The only light you'd ever need:

39. Butt-rolling all around the gym:

40. The most BA toy ever created:

41. This classic:

42. See-through EVERYTHING:

43. The most painful teeth ever, forged in hell:

44. These literary classics:

45. A quick card game:

46. The first and only cool alarm clock:

47. The hardest game you'll ever play:

48. Wrecking your ankles on these:

49. Taking "shots" out of this:

50. And, of course, that face when the teacher says, "I'll wait."