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27 Pictures People Under 15 Can Never Begin To Understand

Consider yourself lucky.

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1. Searching through the paper like a BARBARIAN just to find out what time the movie you wanted to see was playing:

2. Turning the TV to channel three to play video games or watch a movie:

3. Waiting 'til after 9 or the weekend just to talk to friends:

4. The trials and tribulations of T9:

5. Having to wait days for your Netflix instead of, like, 30 seconds:

6. Having pockets filled to the BRIM:

7. Searching through an big-ass binder full of burnt CDs to find the perfect mix:

8. Only to find out the CD you wanted looks like this:

9. Followed by the two worst words in the English language: NO DISC.

10. Rewind anxiety:

11. Having to wait days just to find out you took a picture of your thumb:

12. Not to mention all those wasted hours spent loading pictures:

13. So... many... wasted... hours...

14. And, of course, all that time spent laboring over the internet browser typing in "Www":

Srdjan111 / Getty Images / Via Twitter: @blonde_kars

15. The struggle of getting that perfect ringtone:

16. And the struggle of getting the window down:


18. Changing the VHS tape halfway through a movie just to finish it:

Or just starting Titanic on tape two everytime.
Twitter: @BossyLossy

Or just starting Titanic on tape two everytime.

19. Printing out real, physical directions just so you got lost only half as much:

20. Manually shutting down like a SAVAGE:

21. Actually being SURPRISED by a hidden track on a CD:


22. Missing your favorite channel and having to wait an eternity:

23. Getting into prolonged arguments over VHS tapes:

24. The DJ ruining your mixtape:

25. Smashing that *69 just for a little privacy:

26. Feeling like the world was going to end on this day:

27. And, finally, the joys this ancient relic beheld:

So many hours spent wandering its sacred halls.

So many hours spent wandering its sacred halls.

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