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    People PLEASE Stop Using Giant-Ass Umbrellas That Block The Entire Sidewalk

    It's gone too far.

    My dearest Americans, your calves soaked wet from rain, and my dearest brothers and sisters across the pond, your bellies full of salad cream and mouths smeared with baked beans, it's time we had a talk.

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    For too long our great planet has been plagued by one thing and one thing only: people taking up the sidewalk with giant-ass agressive-ass ass umbrellas.

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    1. We must recognize that this is NOT okay.

    Excuse me lady! Your umbrella takes up the entire street! #nycproblems

    2. I mean, you could fit an entire family of four under this umbrella.

    If your umbrella takes up the entire width of the sidewalk, it's too big.

    3. You could fit the entire cast of Party Of Five under this umbrella.

    Is it REALLY necessary to have an umbrella that takes up HALF of the sidewalk?!

    4. Like, how dry do you really need to be, my man?

    this is what i’m talking about. he’s taking up the ENTIRE sidewalk, has room for three more people, and had the nerve to get upset when i got under his umbrella with him.

    5. This is just excessive.

    Unnecessarily large umbrella. Share the sidewalk.

    6. This is an act of AGGRESSION.

    This oversized, satellite dish of an umbrella takes up the entire goddamn sidewalk. #ignorant

    7. I mean, come on now. We're better than this.

    UMM this lady had a umbrella that took up more than half the sidewalk

    8. It's time to stop it with the giant-ass umbrellas.

    OH: jerk! Move over, it's a sidewalk not your patio! (Moments later his umbrella broke) #karma #ilovenyc

    9. It's time we, as a people, be honest with ourselves.

    Girl's umbrella is hogging the entire sidewalk! Literally can't pass this chick. #ruthless #moveplease

    10. Who do you think you are, Mary freakin' Poppins over here?!?!?

    UMM this lady had a umbrella that took up more than half the sidewalk

    11. I served with Mary Poppins. I knew Mary Poppins. Mary Poppins was a friend of mine. Sir, you're no Mary Poppins.

    FAO everyone - there's no need to unleash an umbrella this size when it is spitting - it took up the entire pavement

    12. It's time to donate your umbrella to a golfer in need.

    Blocking an INDOOR escalator during rush hour by standing still with your giant golf umbrella - poor Metro etiquette or the worst Metro etiquette? @unsuckdcmetro @PoPville

    13. Find yourself an umbrella that makes sense.

    Only together can we put an END to this MADNESS.

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