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24 Reasons You Should Never Take A Picture With An iPad


1. Because the Mona Lisa doesn't deserve this:

2. And neither does Big Ben:

3. Because when you take a selfie like this...

...You end up looking like this:

Or like this:

this is what you look like when you take a picture in the mirror with an #iPad ... its not cool you look like a bellend

Or... this:

4. Because do you really want to look like a goofy dad?

5. Because the concert's light show does not involve your iPad's back light:

6. Because you're in the front row. THE FRONT ROW:

7. Because there are people around you:

And this is how they feel:

8. Because you're at a wedding:

9. Because you're going to hurt your neck from straining it side to side to get in frame:

If your taking pictures with an iPAD... You gonna be lookin like this.😂😂😂 #StopWhitePeople2013

10. Or from ducking to get in the picture:

Soon I will master the art of taking a selfie w/ an iPad...or maybe naw. #sorrynotsorry

11. Because the mosh pit and iPad do not mix:

12. Because you're at the gym:

Hi from fourth hour pe 💥🐒 iPad mirror selfie = winning

13. Because you're singing Happy Birthday:

What is that lady in the background doing? Taking picture with iPad? lel.

14. Because it's not a replacement for having your hands up in the air:

15. Because, like, did you really to bust out your iPad to take a picture of some rocks?

16. Because you're shirtless. Shirtless people shouldn't take pictures in general:

17. Because you end up looking a lot like this:

18. Or like this:

19. Because you never look more alone than when you take a selfie with an iPad:

Came downstairs to find my dad taking a selfie on his iPad in his clipper jersey with the game in the background

20. Because it looks like you're struggling to lift a giant rectangle over your head:

one time Ally and I were taking a picture and someone hit my arm and I got a picture of sinu holding an ipad LOL

21. Because no one looks as good with a giant iPad shadow on their face:

My mom taking a selfie with the iPad. LMAO

22. Because you'll become the real tourist attraction:

The background of pictures are priceless. Like this guy taking a selfie with his iPad in the colosseum

23. Because it literally looks like you're holding up a giant black speaker over your head, a speaker which is presumably blasting a song that says something like "I'M A DWEEB":

My parents are taking a selfie with an iPad on the shuttle bus. Uh. Can you not.


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