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23 Parents Who Need To Be Stopped Right Now


1. The mom who put up these decorative stockings:

Lizz Hickey / BuzzFeed

2. The mom who sends the nicest Snapchats:

3. The dad who gives perfect gifts:

4. The parents who got just the right cake for the occasion:

5. The mom who should probably hit up Urban Dictionary:

6. The mom who just likes letting her child find their own way:

7. The dad who has it out for the poor cat:

8. The OMG dad:

9. The mom who bought this beautiful phone case:

10. The dad who just needs some shut-eye:

11. The mom who knows how to get everyone's attention:

12. The dad who knows how to pull a prank:

13. The dad with the greatest gift of all:

14. The mom who is never going near mints again in her life:

15. The dad who has his priorities in order:

16. The mom with all the best puns:

17. The soup mom:

18. The parents who know the meaning of a heartfelt message:

19. The mom with the best surprises:

20. The most savage mom alive:

21. The mom who just needs some dang likes:

22. The mom who won't stop it with the bruhs:

23. And the mom who asks the tough questions:


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