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26 Pictures That Will Warm Your Cold, Dead Heart

My heart!

Just remember...

1. The killer outfits:

2. The Valentine's Day angels:

3. The lifelong friendships:

4. The supportive partners:

5. The late-night bathroom companions:

6. The growing plants:

7. The 10 year goals:

8. The beautiful flowers:

9. The clandestine dogs:

This guy got on the bus and just stared at me and Lulabelle on my lap for a solid 30 seconds then goes “are you allowed to have dogs on the bus” and I just shrugged thinking he was gonna give me shit or something but then he pulls out a chihuahua out of nowhere

10. The profound texts:

11. All the creative costumes:

12. The flower journeys:

13. The blind solidarity:

14. The fresh cut grass:

15. The paused headphones:

16. The supportive socks:

17. The impromptu costumes:

18. All the great dolls:

19. The new trucks:

20. The brand-new paint jobs:

21. The fresh cuts:

22. The delicious cakes:

23. The travel partners:

24. The best friends:

25. The unexpected guests:

26. And, hey, someone got their cherry pie: