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    19 Tiny Things Starbucks Employees Hate That You Do


    1. Ignore their questions:

    2. Stare:

    3. Act like your order is the most important order of the day:

    4. Pour coffee in the trash like a BARBARIAN:

    5. Not pay attention when it's your turn to order:

    6. Just ignore the employee entirely:

    7. Act like you're the Coffee King:

    8. Like, no one really cares:

    9. Nobody. Cares.

    10. Have zero patience:

    11. Or yell out that the barista is making your drink the wrong way:

    12. Be a big ol' creep:

    13. Talk about another store you are not currently in:

    14. Ask dumb questions:

    15. Come right before or at closing:

    16. Scream:

    17. Or get mad if the barista has any questions:

    18. Say, "You've just lost a customer":

    19. In conclusion...