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    28 Extremely Specific Things That Will Make Millennials Say "I Completely Forgot"

    Memory: unlocked.

    1. The cause of your very first cavity:

    Caramel apple pops

    2. That field trip air:

    tweet reading the air in the mornings of field trips used to hit different

    3. Those supercharged chairs:

    blue chair

    4. The start of it all:

    tweet reading this is when my lying started with a reading log

    5. Spending time doing this in the middle of class:

    kid rolling up the straps on a backpack

    6. That one ball:

    purple inflatable ball

    7. These bingo chips that were a staple of every classroom:

    8. The horrible pain:

    tweet reading the worst pain was when your fingers got ran over by the square scooters in PE class

    9. These tongue destroyers:


    10. The GOAT pen:

    11. Sticking your fingers into these tables for no reason:

    12. The original engagement ring:

    those wooden boxes with ladybugs inside them

    13. Watching that Windows Media Player light show:

    tweet reading 8 year old me staring at the windows media player for hours

    14. Your first experience with gambling:

    please play again bottle cap from a soda

    15. This unforgettable sound:

    SEGA logo

    16. And this unforgettable sound:

    coming soon to theaters DVD menu

    17. Checking your computer to see how many hours left your LimeWire download had:

    18. Getting everything in the universe stuck to these things except a ball:

    handheld velcro ball throwing game

    19. Taking your brain on a little quest:

    brainquest questions

    20. Those cups every kid had:

    disney cups

    21. That one alarm clock every old person had:

    old alarm clock

    22. Playing this when the internet went down:

    3d pinball for microsoft windows

    23. Destroying your fingers trying to see how much battery juice is left:

    testing a battery

    24. Beautiful, beautiful stamp markers:

    25. Infinite water fountain knowledge:

    tweet reading if you ever drank water from these and it started vibrating and shaking hard you already knew that water was about to be cold

    26. Delicious star-shaped toothpaste:

    27. Endlessly entertaining iPod games:

    28. That mystical "ball room" in the back of every elementary school gym: