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    13 Pictures That Are You If You're Always Texting "Sorry I Fell Asleep"

    "Just seeing this!"

    1. It's an endless cycle:

    2. It never ends:

    3. You've sent it after dropping off the grid:

    4. Like, really dropping off the grid:

    5. Like, completely disappearing:

    6. You've sent it after missing important social events:

    7. After being told SPECIFICALLY not to fall asleep:

    8. After heartfelt texts:

    9. With ambivalent emojis:

    10. With sad emojis:

    11. You've tried to fight it:

    12. But that couch is just too comfy:

    13. And so the cycle repeats itself:

    Twitter: @fraantastic11

    "Just seeing this now."

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