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25 People Who Are A Million Times More Awkward Than You Are

Everything's gonna be OK.

1. The people involved in this hand catastrophe:

2. This baseball player that forgot how to baseball:

3. This graduate:

4. This man and his itchy knee:

5. This CHOPPIN' coach:


6. The guy who will forever be that guy who fell down in the background on live TV:

7. The perpetrators of the slipperiest hug ever:

8. The guy caught in the worst place at the WORST time:


9. This receiver of this pat on the head:

10. This person who will never wear another pair of heels in her life:

11. This girl who will never dance again:

12. This second-place winner:


13. The poor souls involved in this devastating handshake:


14. Taylor Swift when she learned about fire:


15. Anyone who had Spider-Man show up at the worst possible time:

16. Ryan Seacrest trying to high-five a blind guy:

17. Anyone and everyone with a difficult coat:

18. Anyone that's had this terrifying thing happen to them on the subway:

19. Anyone fighting the brave battle against gum right now:

20. This raver:

21. The coach who will never chest bump again:

Or this guy who will never chest bump again:

22. This baby:

23. This guy:

24. The loneliest teletubby:

25. This lady who had a little accident:

And, of course, Avril Lavigne:

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