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    23 Pictures That Are Too Real If You Were Born Before 1999 And Didn't Have A Cell Phone


    1. Having to memorize EVERY phone number:

    2. Or just making a huge list you had to check all the time:

    3. Being on the phone so long you end up tangled in the cord:

    4. Or stretching the phone cord to get a little privacy:

    5. Only to get the DREADED cord knot:

    6. The worst words in the English language:

    7. Having ZERO idea who was calling at any time:

    8. And when Caller ID DID come around, prank calling people thanks to these two numbers

    9. Actually having to print out directions to be able to find your way around:

    10. Or just going to the nearest gas station and hoping you remember everything:

    11. The bathroom struggle before cellphones:

    12. So many shampoo bottles were read... SO MANY:

    13. Calling collect with one of these artifacts:

    14. Having to search for movie times in the newspaper:

    15. Or having to search one of these giant books just to order a dang pizza:

    16. Pictures remaining a mystery right after you took them:

    17. And then having to wait an hour for them to develop:

    18. Not to mention "aiming" your pictures:

    19. Actually having to get out of the car to get your friend when you went to pick them up:

    20. Using a watch out of necessity just to know what time it is:

    21. And using the ORIGINAL text message:

    22. Having your own "personal" landline phone:

    23. And yelling "I'M ON THE PHONE" every 5 minutes:

    And if this article didn't make you feel old enough, just remember: