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    27 Dad Jokes That Are So Bad They're Actually Amazing

    Long live dad jokes.

    1. Dad's hair:

    2. The best way to cook:

    3. Dad's favorite song:

    4. H2 noooooo:

    5. History being made:

    6. What the grape said:

    7. Today's weather report:

    8. Important business:

    9. The answer to the world's most important question:

    10. Spring excitement:

    11. Weekend plans:

    12. Dad jeans:

    13. Holy dadtrimony:

    14. What's become of the cat:

    15. Hiding secrets:

    16. Robert DeDado:

    17. Low water:

    18. Coral stressers:

    19. Kidnapping emergency:

    20. Dad's new shoes:

    21. The ultimate dad joke:

    22. This shocking revelation:

    23. Dad goes Dutch:

    24. Dad's wardrobe:

    25. Dad's political views:

    26. American dad:

    27. And the dad joke to end all dad jokes:

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