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    21 Pictures That Sum Up The End Of The Semester


    1. It starts with hope:

    2. Followed by the shocking realization:

    3. And going back to school starts to feel exactly like this:

    4. You try to stay positive...

    5. Try to keep it together...

    6. But at times it feels hopeless:

    7. The waiting begins:

    8. So much waiting:

    9. The longest weeks of your life:

    10. THE PAIN:

    11. THE HORROR:

    12. You start to try to figure a way out:

    13. You start to go insane:

    14. Your effort starts to slip:

    15. Money gets tight:

    16. Weekends get weird:

    17. And you try to find a way to get ahead:

    18. But there's still another week left:

    19. So you study, or, actually, don't at all:

    20. Until this is the only thing you can do:

    21. And, in the end, you'll have your own holiday classic to sing: