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21 Moments That Are So Awkward They Actually Hurt


1. The never-ending handshake:

2. The loneliest fist bump:

3. The worst way to kick off your wedding ceremony:

4. The prime minister of New Zealand attempting to use a hammer:

5. Sgt. Butterfingers over here:

6. This dove catastrophe:

7. This kid ensuring his future abstinence:

8. This chair betrayal:

9. This man's dream of becoming a knight dying before his eyes:

10. The bump from HELL:

11. A good ol' fashioned eye-five:

12. This kid thinking his wrestling career is about to begin:

13. The classic three-hand shake:

14. This girl hesitantly raising the roof:

15. And the guy on the right BRINGING THAT DAMN ROOF DOWN:

16. The death of this breakdancer's backpack:

17. The most enthusiastic no-five you're likely to see:

18. What happens when trying to impress someone goes way wrong:

19. This nightmare:

20. An old-fashioned face-five:

21. And John Travolta's continued existence:

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