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    33 Smells You Will Never Be Able To Forget

    Get your nose ready.

    1. Fresh koosh:

    2. A newly opened pack of cards:

    3. The inside of your favorite movie:


    4. Your very first weapon:

    5. A newly opened can of play-doh:

    6. The shavings from your trusty No. 2:


    7. The most luxurious seat you will ever sit in:

    8. Freshly blown bubbles:

    9. A endless sea of balls:

    10. Glue on your hands, right before you peel it off:

    11. Little erasers:

    12. Hot pavement after a rainstorm:

    13. And the most (probably least) comfortable couch you will ever sit in:

    14. Inflatable pool toys with a side of chlorine:


    Breakfast of champions.

    15. Creepy Crawlers, fresh out the oven:

    16. A box of old crayons you found in a drawer:

    17. The only shampoo that's also an action figure:

    18. Playground mulch:

    19. A pack of gum that never ends:

    20. A glow-in-the-dark prize from the inside of a cereal box:

    21. "Cheese":

    22. The prize from the inside of your fast food:

    23. The greatest museum souvenir of all time, astronaut ice cream:

    24. The greatest cereal/desserts you will ever have:

    25. Some mutant Gak:

    26. The inside of one of these bad boys:

    27. The inside of a brand-new book for summer reading:

    28. The smell of freshly cut grass, right after your parents made you cut it:

    29. One of these, moments after it hits your face:

    30. These slightly creepy dolls:

    31. This pack of this gum (at least for the five seconds the flavor lasts for):

    32. Or some mutant floam:


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