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19 Pictures That Will Give You Intense Flashbacks To Being Sick As A Kid

Judge Judy and Bob Barker are the best medicine.

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As a kid, there was nothing better than staying home from school.

1. And there was especially nothing better than watching The Price Is Right all day long...


2. Eating soup...

3. Drinking soda that's supposed to help you feel better:

4. And shoving crackers into your mouth.

5. But nothing tasted better than that pink stuff:

6. That sweet, sweet pink stuff.

7. And don't even get me started on the purple stuff:

8. Or the orange stuff:

9. Or the cure to all illnesses, Vicks:

10. And nothing was better than turning on some trashy TV:

11. Or watching a show that was literally about grocery shopping:


12. Seeing Judge Judy lay down the law:

13. Or Judge Mathis tell it like it is:

14. Or watching your stories:

15. Or chanting JERRY! JERRY! over and over again:

16. And maybe you'd go to the doctor eventually, but at least you had this waiting for you:

17. Or this toy that just seemed to materialize in doctor's offices:

18. And then the next day it was time to go back...

19. Unless you could pull off this Oscar-winning performance:

Got 'em.

Got 'em.

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