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20 Ways Having Siblings Completely And Totally Changes You For Life

In the best possible way.

1. It helps you be ready for anything:

2. It keeps you on your toes:

3. It makes you a master of insults:

4. It makes you a wonderful secret-keeper:

5. It makes you appreciative of what you have:

6. It lets you see your parents in an entirely different light:

7. It makes you think about what you've done:

8. It makes you very aware of other people's personal space:

9. It teaches you how to make a deal:

10. It really helps your running speed:

11. It teaches you how to say you're sorry:

12. Like, a master of the apology:

13. It lets you learn about your family history:

14. It teaches you how to have great conversation:

15. It toughens you up:

16. And teaches you how to win a fight:

17. It teaches you how to love:

18. It makes you a very analytical person:

19. It makes you appreciate the value of a dollar:

20. Oh, and it never ends: